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Sheet Mask Guidelines

  1. What’s so special about sheet masks? Why are they better than applying a serum or gel mask?

    Sheet masks give your skin an extra boost for whatever skincare need you have, whether it’s hydration, soothing or brightening. They are a super effective and efficient skincare step that has revolutionised the beauty industry! Sheet masks are soaked in highly concentrated active ingredients. Depending on the mask, the amount of serum in them is equivalent to 4-20 individual serum applications. The sheet itself seals in all the nutrients and moisture minimising evaporation, and during the 10-20 minutes of application, all the serum is pushed into the skin in a mechanical way.

  2. How often should I use a sheet mask?

    This depends on your lifestyle and needs. Korean women apply sheet masks every day in the morning and in the evening. Honestly, we don’t think most women have the time to do this. For a first time user, we suggest to start with 2-3 times a week in the evening. Incorporate it into your evening routine as you unwind from the day. Whether a mid-week face refresh before a big day or during your Sunday bubble bath, masks are a great way of giving your skin some extra love. From here on, you can use masks as often as you wish!

  3. When should I apply the sheet mask during my skincare routine?

    You should apply the sheet mask after the toner or serum and before your moisturiser. The general rule is to move from runnier to thicker textures. It’s important that you’ve removed all your make-up and your skin is clean before putting the mask on. Also, remember to massage or tap on your face so the remaining serum is sealed into your skin.

  4. How long should I keep the sheet mask on?

    10-20 minutes depending on the mask instructions. You should not leave the mask on for over 20 minutes, which is when the sheet material starts to dry up. This is to prevent the mask from absorbing back out all the moisture and nutrition that has just been delivered to your skin. In a rush and can’t spare 10 minutes? No problem! Even 5 minutes is better than nothing.

  5. Can I reuse my mask with the leftover serum in the packet?

    We don’t advise you to do so for hygiene reasons. Once a mask has been taken out of the packaging and used, it’s not sterile anymore. Sheet masks are for one single use. Make the most out of each mask application and put on the left over serum on your neck and chest!

  6. There are so many options out there. How do I make sure I have picked the right one?

    Start by focusing on your main skincare concern: is it dehydration, wrinkles, redness, dark spots, dullness, acne, sensitive or fatigued skin? Then just pick an interesting choice of key ingredient and have fun! There are hundreds of sheet masks out there with very interesting and innovative ingredients, from bird’s nest to snail mucus and fermented potions. The formulations are beyond anything you’ve seen in the mainstream skincare brands. Masks are a great way of discovering new brands and new ingredients. The selection on our website has been meticulously curated to make sure you are only choosing from the best out there!

  7. The ingredients sound too exotic. Should I be concerned about an adverse skin reaction?

    Not at all! The biggest sheet mask manufacturers in the world are in Asia, specifically Korea, Japan and Taiwan. These countries have very strict safety regulations (yes even higher standards than Europe and the US!). The brands we’ve selected have mild and natural formulations that assure high tolerance even by sensitive skin.

  8. Is Asian skin different from western skin? Are these ingredients suitable for western skin?

    Skin across different ethnicities and races is structurally the same. Anybody can use Asian skincare brands without any fear of compatibility the same way western brands are widely available and used in Asia. But if you have concerns about potential reactions due to very sensitive skin, first stick to the options listed under sensitive skin and second test the serum on your wrist for 2 minutes before applying onto your face.

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