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Why Korean Beauty?

Why Korean Beauty?
1) They are much cheaper but equally as effective.

Korean women are obsessed with having a perfect complexion. They started doing skincare routines since they were teenagers and they are totally OK doing over 10 steps and spending a minimum of half an hour in the morning and in the evening to properly cleanse, massage and nourish their face.

Korea has over 600 local beauty brands. This means there’s A LOT of competition. When this happens, the customers win! Brands have no choice but to be in the constant race for better prices, higher quality, nicer packaging, more innovation and faster results.

This has led Korean beauty products to be at least half the price of any western brand and sometimes even more effective! 


special ingredients

2) Pioneering natural ingredients like snail mucus

The intense competition makes brands get super creative and everybody is trying to find the next beauty holy grail for flawless skin. Most go for natural ingredients like donkey milk, bee venom, snail mucus and bird’s nest. Mother Nature knows best when it comes to beauty!

Snail mucus, for example, is used in creams and masks and it helps fade acne scars and hyperpigmentation while moisturising and firming the skin.


3) Revolutionary manufacturing techniques such as fermentation

It all started with Kimchi! In order to preserve vegetables, Korean people started soaking them in salt. This fermentation fosters the growth of good bacteria that is really important for good digestion and nutrients absorption. This same concept has been applied to skincare products, which enables the active ingredients to become more powerful and penetrate deeper into the skin.


korean cushions4) Innovative product design

Koreans invented the cushion application for foundations and blushes and since then, all mainstream western brands have been scrambling to copy this innovative product!

In case you’ve missed the cushion hype, it consists of liquid foundation in a compact style container with a sponge mesh application system. This system enables a very even and controlled dispense of foundation.

5) It’s all about the skincare experience

Korean products are designed to make your beauty routine the most enjoyable and fun experience. From amazing (but still natural) smelling products to cool packaging, Korean products provide really fun results such as a mask that foams up on your face after application.

It’s all about giving yourself a well-deserved me time and pampering your hard working face!