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Nomad Feature - Meet the Founders of Lion/ne

Nomad Feature - Meet the Founders of Lion/ne

August Featured Beauty Guest - Lion/ne!

Excited to feature our August beauty enthusiasts and fellow women entrepreneurs - Ksenia and Claudia from Lion/ne!  With Masters in Luxury Brand Management, they both focused their studies on the beauty industry and bonded over their passion for all things skincare.  With the desire to empower men and women to look and feel their best, Ksenia and Claudia decided to do something about their shared frustrations with the skincare industry. The result was the creation of Lion/ne, a company that is transparent, informed, and unbiased when it comes to skincare brands and products.  

How did you guys come up with the business concept?
We met while doing our Masters and in the first few weeks realised that we had the same passion for skincare and frustrations with the way that we buy beauty.  We wanted to solve the problem of information overload and cut through the bs (for lack of a better word) of the shiny marketing that is everywhere when it comes to skincare products.  The name Lion/ne combines the word Lion and Lioness in French, and actually was the name of a post WWII movement in France.  They called the women who had stepped up into the men’s jobs while they were away, “Lionne”.  All about the girl power!

How do you guys know each other?
We met while doing our Masters in Luxury Brand Management at Regents.  We were very fast friends and shared the same passion and vision for the brand.

Can you tell us a little about your background?
Claudia: I am from Texas and moved to London three years ago.  I have a background in Human Relations and worked in an investment bank in London before starting Lion/ne.

Ksenia: I am Russian (but grew up in Geneva) and have a background in Hospitality Management.  I also worked for Fendi before I went to Regents to receive my MA in Luxury Brand Management  (where I met Claudia).
We both are now certified in Skin Health and Lifestyle Assessment and are also working on our certification in Advanced Skin Science. We are always always reading and learning about how the skin works, latest trends, and up and coming brands. 

How does the consultation process work?
We have three different levels of Lion/ne Consultations, but they all begin with an in person Skin Health & Lifestyle Assessment.  We ask questions about your current skincare regime, skin concerns, diet, and lifestyle in order to see where your skin is, and where you want your skin to be.

We then look at your skin through our OBSERV Skin Diagnostic Tool, which gives us an idea of what is going on underneath the skin.  We can see things like inflammation, dehydration, hyper-pigmentation, and sun damage.  This tool reinforces what products we need to add to your skincare regime and what brands will be best to do that.

Following the consultation, clients receive a Lion/ne Shopping List (with our La Creme Consultation) or Skin(care) Handbook (with our L’Intemporel Consultation).  The Shopping List gives you a step-by-step skincare regime, what products to buy, and where to buy them.  The Skin(care) Handbook gives you this information, but also delves much deeper into what is going on with your skin and how your diet, lifestyle, and environment are impacting your skin.  For more information on our different consultations, you can visit our website:

Do you guys get to travel for your job?
We do travel in the sense that right now we are doing pop-ups so we are all over London and the UK.  

Claudia: I was able to go back to Texas earlier this month to perform consultations in my home town.  

Ksenia: I also travelled to Geneva and have plans to travel to France in the Fall for consultations.  Our machine is very portable, so in theory we can do them anywhere! 

What are some of your favourite beauty product(s)?
Claudia: My favourites come from the brand Exuviance.  Their face wash, Gentle Cleansing Creme, has PHAs that very gently exfoliate my skin.  I also absolutely love their Vespera Bionic Serum. It has changed the texture of my skin in the most amazing way.  Since I have rosacea, I have to be very careful about what products I use, but this range works well for me. 

Ksenia: My skin is pretty normal, so I love to explore and try new products. Right now,  I am really loving the brand Yon-Ka, especially one of their moisturisers the “Pamplemousse Pns”.  It is super simple, smells divine and is perfect for everyday. I also like their Juvenil Lotion, which helps instantly diminish breakouts. I love the oil cleanser from EPARA as well, because it doesn’t leave a film on the skin.  I also have to mention Paula’s Choice C15 Booster. It isn’t gritty like other Vitamin C’s and is super easy to use as you can add it to any moisturiser. 

What's one thing you love about working on Lion/ne?
Claudia:  I think the most amazing thing is when a client tries a product that we recommend and sends us a message saying they love it.  We try to introduce brands that people haven’t tried of or heard of, so when they deliver results, it feels like we are making a change! 

Ksenia: I completely agree with Claudia. If a client is satisfied, it makes our day. One thing that I really like about Lion/ne is its holistic nature. I am extremely interested, and believe strongly, that health, diet, and wellbeing have a huge impact on the skin. Connecting the dots between them requires a lot of work, devotion, and research, but it’s so worth it! I love transmitting this knowledge to our clients and educating them on the best path to follow in order to achieve radiance from the inside-out!

Can you please tell us your skincare routine?
Claudia:  AM:  Splash face with water, use warm cloth to remove excess oil from my night routine, Exuviance Bionic Tonic Pad, Exuviance Anti-Redness Serum, Chantecaille Anti-Pollution Mattifying Cream, SkinCeuticals UV Defense SPF 30, Make-Up

PM: Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Creme, Exuviance Vitamin C20, Exuviance Vespera Serum, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye, Exuviance Ultra Restorative Creme 

: The Ordinary AHA 30% /BHA 2% Peeling Solution 
Ksenia: AM: Phyto Gel cleanser from Lisa Franklin, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Revitalise and Glow Serum OR my Codage Serums that were made personally for my skin, Paula’s Choice Resists SPF 50 Moisturiser, Luminescent Base Lisa Franklin, Make-up.

PM: EPARA Cleasing oil, the Phyto Gel Cleanser, Paula’s Choice C15 Booster, Yon-Ka Pamplemousse Cream.

Sunday: TLC Baby Facial Drunk Elephant

Where do you see Lionne in the next five years?
We would love to have our own location in London and be a driving force behind more transparency in the skincare industry.

Tell us something about yourself that no one would guess! 
Claudia:  I am very open so this is hard! But most people probably don’t know that I am ambidextrous.

Ksenia: I think my close friends and family know, but I’m a little bit of a hypochondriac (Claudia witnesses it practically everyday).

How do you think the beauty industry has evolved over the years?
Claudia: I do think we, as consumers, are much more informed now than we used to be. We want a more personalised and on-demand experience, and I think that will become a real challenge that big brands are going to have to overcome. 
In regards to marketing, Estee Lauder’s approach was “telegraph, telephone, tell a woman,” and although now we are using platforms like Instagram to spread the word about skincare, the basic goal is the same; we all want to look our best and when we find a product that helps us to do that, we share! There is just a lot more to filter through now, creating information overload.  

Ksenia: The beauty industry is always evolving and changing. However, make-up is much more ‘in’ with trends in fashion, art, and season. However, skincare moves slower and changes rather with technology and science.  It is incredible what we know today that we didn’t 10 years ago! 

We have changed too! We now have access to about anything at any time and are more conscious consumers, aware of shiny marketing. We are lucky to be a part of an exciting era, where we are able to help each other find the best products by using our network of friends, influencers, and communicate directly with brands. I strongly believe that Lion/ne found its place in this evolution.

Lionne London

Don't forget to check out their "Pop-up" 
event on Sept 29th at Duck & Dry King's Road!

Visit their website to learn more about the company!