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Keeping Your Skin Happy for the Winter

Keeping Your Skin Happy for the Winter

The cold, crisp winter air, dipping temperatures, and the uncomfortable tautness and dryness of the skin – it’s that time of the year again!  Just like switching up your wardrobe in accordance to season, you should be tuning up and rotating your skincare regimen to protect your complexion.  Winter blues, begone!

Here are the essential skincare tips for your winter beauty routine:

Intensive Moisture Barrier – Ramp up the moisture meter for your skin.  Your skin loses its ability to hold moisture and is more susceptible to dryness and flakiness during the harsh winter.  No one likes the rough facial sensation - Your solution?  The more moisture the merrier! Switch out that lightweight moisturizer for something more hydrating.

Transformative Serums - If you’ve never used a serum before, now is a perfect time to get on board with this skin-saving step.  Serums are highly concentrated formulas that offers more targeted results for your skins’ needs.  These fast-absorbing, potent shots of miracle-working treatments are packed with vital nutrients that penetrates deep within your skin’s surface.

Block that Sun – Summer days or cloudy skies, our skin needs to be protected from those UVB rays. Snow is reflective and can almost double your exposure to these harmful rays.   It is essential to include sunscreen in your daytime routine, but you can decrease the SPF protection from 50 to 30 SPF for example.  A minimum of SPF 30 is highly recommended to block nearly 97 percent of UVB radiation. 

Gentle with the Cleanse – Feel clean but don’t strip everything protecting your skin. We may notice some cleansers leave our skin feeling smooth and soft while some others leave your skin feeling tight and dry.  It all comes down 

to making sure the cleanser is pH balanced(i.e. insert link to what pH balance is) for your skin and not damaging the skin’s acid mantle. Your skin’s acid mantle serves as a barrier to protect your inner layers skin (i.e. insert link to description to what acid mantle is – can be a topic on “learning about your skin”) Skin’s pH level is between 4.5 – 5.5. Aiming to keep this balance will help us maintain healthy skin. Your regular cleansing routine may not be fitting for the winter season.  Switching to a more soothing and gentler formula will keep our skin calm and balanced. 

Multi-Masking Benefits – Perfect solution to those who are looking for an easy way to get noticeable results for healthier looking skin within a few minutes.  There’s something for everyone!  There’s a mask out there for every skin type.  To battle that Winter dryness and quenching your thirsty skin, these highly recommended hydration masks are worth a try! (i.e. recommend a product here) Get your skin to optimum-condition by getting into a mask routine.  You can try a variety of different masks that targets your specific skin condition (i.e. anti-aging, whitening, hyperpigmentation, acne, etc.).  Masking once a week is a good starting point and don’t leave the mask longer than 20 minutes (this will be enough time for ingredients to penetrate before the mask starts to dry)!