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Face Time: Why Sheet Mask is a Game Changer!

Face Time: Why Sheet Mask is a Game Changer!

The beauty industry has gone through its wave of trends and fads. For decades, baby boomers have been obsessed with that luxurious pot of anti-aging miracle cream that promises to stop wrinkles in their tracks and prolong that youthful glow.  These creams come with a hefty price tag and don’t satisfy the instant gratification of seeing results right away. Wouldn’t it be great to have radiant, plumper, luminous, and more hydrated skin in just 10 minutes? With limited time in our daily lives and our on-the-go lifestyle, that sounds great to me! Let me introduce you to the new skin saviour of our time - sheet masks!

Up until a few years ago, people may not have heard of sheet masks outside of Korea, but the Korean beauty craze is taking the world by storm.  Sheet masking has reached cult status amongst celebrities, skincare experts and beauty junkies alike.  The “sheet mask selfie” is the hottest look on instagram from celebrities like Bella Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, to Lady Gaga!  

Aside from being renowned for their incredible hydrating properties, sheet masks target different skin concerns and offer treatment flexibility from brightening dull complexions to calming irritated skin.  From a much needed pre-night out boost to revitalizing that fatigued skin from a long day of work, there’s something for everyone! Skincare experts are now using sheet masks as part of their daily skincare routine.

No Fuss, No Mess Skincare Routine!

Beauty of sheet masking - no brush application required, no hands covered in product, and no rinsing needed!  Sheet masks are pre-cut to fit effortlessly on your face and are soaked in serum to give your skin the boost it craves.  You get all the benefits of a mask and the power, delivery, and potency of premium active ingredients in an all-in-one skincare treatment.  Open the package and the sheet mask is ready to work it’s magic!

Express Shuttle to Glowing Skin!

Sheet masking offers an affordable, super-easy, and speedy way to give your skin some extra love without having to leave home. It’s like you hopped on a high-speed train to instant dewy, delectable skin!  The real power of the super charged sheet mask lies in its power to lock active ingredients and deliver these rich vitamins, amino acids, and minerals to your skin in minutes.  

Beauty to Go!

With luggage restrictions and space limitations, it’s so hard to pack jars of serums and masks on those work trips and holidays! Sheet masks are great to use in the relaxation of your home but also perfect travel companions.   With its thin, compact and lightweight packaging, you can get a beauty boost whenever and wherever you need one. You won’t need to compromise your beauty routine and can have glowing skin anytime, anywhere!

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