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Don’t sweat it! Summer Skincare Tips

Don’t sweat it! Summer Skincare Tips

Ah Summer time - the much anticipated time of year to kick back with your flip flops, relax on the beach, and enjoy the gorgeous, sunny weather!  It’s also the time to up your sun and heat protection game and not slack on your skincare routine. UVA/UVB rays are harmful all year long, but are especially damaging during the skin-baring summer months when our exposure levels are higher while we are out and about.

Here are some skincare tips to get you through the summer and keep your skin protected, healthy and glowing!

Doubling up on Sun Protection

Covering only your body with sunscreen isn’t enough to protect you from the powerful, penetrative UV rays.  Don’t forget to protect sensitive areas like your eyes and lips with a cream and balm that has SPF. Also, don’t forget to shield your scalp from burning with a UV-protective styling balm or a super cute wide brim summer hat!

Look for a sunscreen that has SPF 50, as well as PA+++. SPF 50 provides the strongest sun protection and one of the highest SPFs. The PA+++ in your sunscreen will keep dark spots from forming on your skin.

Keep it Light

Heavy, rich creams is the last thing you want when you’re sweaty and oily from the heat.  You can store these thick moisturisers along with your winter gear and summer-proof your regimen with lighter products.  Use lighter formulas and simplify your routine with multi-taskers like lightweight gels and serums that are typically water based.  These are great to keep your face hydrated, soft and supple. A great option for people with super oily skin is swapping your moisturiser for an emulsion. Emulsions are a lighter version of a moisturiser that still deliver powerful hydration.

Cleanse Away

Your skin may experience increased oil production and sweat more than usual when the summer air is hot and humid. We want to keep summer skin matte yet moisturised by cleansing twice a day with a gentler, foaming or gel-based face wash. You want to wash away oil and sweat that can build up on your skin’s surface overnight in the morning. Remove makeup, sunscreen and then cleanse your skin with your regular face wash before you go to bed.  The last thing we want is clogged pores!

Shed Away Dry Skin

All that sun can really dry out your skin!  We want to keep that sun-kissed skin looking radiant and hydrated.  Exfoliation is a great way to rejuvenate your skin and to lighten sunspots.  The most effective ways to exfoliate during the summer is to use a scrub on dry skin before you shower especially on your elbows, knees, and those dry heels.  Don’t forget to slap on that moisturiser right after you towel dry to seal in the moisture.

Cool-Down Solution

An after sun cool-down kit sounds heavenly after a long day in the sun!   It’s easy to overheat when you’re having fun in the sun. Don’t forget to keep a few things handy like a skin saving hydration mist and an aloe vera lotion to soothe and cool your skin quickly.  Sprays are ideal since they provide just as much refreshing moisture and nourishment with half the time and weight. You don’t have to layer on a heavy liquid—you just spritz and go! Just like your sheet masks, keeping your spray essence in the fridge is a great way to ensure you’re treating your skin to the coolest blast of goodness possible.