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  • Autumn Skincare Regimen - Fall in Love with Your Skin!
  • Post author
    Andrea Leung

Autumn Skincare Regimen - Fall in Love with Your Skin!

Autumn Skincare Regimen - Fall in Love with Your Skin!

Transition Seamlessly Into a Skincare Routine for Fall.

Autumn is in full swing and it’s time to fully embrace the cooler temperature, crisp air, drop in humidity and of course cleaning those leaves! With the peak hygge months just around the corner, it’s a great time to treat yourself to a pampering facial to exfoliate, hydrate and start the palette clean and fresh.  We love adding a little self-love to our daily routine and massaging our faces as we’re cleansing and applying our creams! It really uplifts your skin, keeping it supple and healthy.

Dive Deeper – Layer On!

To protect our skin from drying, we need to layer on thicker serums and heavier moisturisers like our sweaters. One key ingredient we love during dryer, colder months is ceramides!  Products with ceramides are essential to nourishing skin from within and preserving that youthful complexion. We also love products with hyaluronic acid. It’s truly a remarkable, multi-tasking superstar ingredient that has powerful anti-ageing properties.  It even provides an antioxidant defense against harsh environments.

Body Care in the Mix

Can’t believe it’s October already!  Summer humidity ends and your skin is feeling that itch!  Are you in the same boat? Time to hydrate and lather on that moisturiser on your skin from head to toe after you dry off from showering.  It’s important to create that protective barrier and seal in the moisture on a daily basis. We switch our summery body cleansing gels for a creamy body wash.  Stocking up on an effective body lotion will not only soothe any dryness you’re experiencing now, but will also ensure you have a supply to slather on later. Some key ingredients we look for in our body care products are peptides that stimulate collagen production and help minimize the symptoms of skin conditions, glycerin that attracts and retain skin’s moisture, vitamin E that promotes healthy elasticity and antioxidants that defend against free radicals.

Don’t Skip that Sunscreen

You still need that sunscreen for the next 6 months even if you’re not on the beach.  Sunscreen is a daily essential so don’t set it aside! Use a moisturiser with a minimum SPF of 30 in your daily routine to protect your skin from the UV rays.

Don’t Forget Your Hands & Feet

It’s easy to forget our poor feet when we are not wearing cute flip flops and showing off our nice pedicure.  You’ll be keeping them in boots all fall and winter and roughing up those heels. You should continue to take care of your feet, exfoliate them on a regular basis while you’re in the shower, and you’ll have no problem when it’s sandals season!

Our hands will be constantly exposed to the dry, cold weather. We love massaging cuticle oils a couple times a week to help avoid cracked skin before it happens and always keeping a hand lotion in our bags.

Humidifiers Are Your Best Friend

The pumping heat can really take a toll on your skin.  Boost the hydration in your home with the help of a humidifier.  Turn it on while you’re sleeping and even add a few drops of essential oil to your humidifier for relaxation and de-stressing!

Keep Track of Your Skincare Routine

With so many steps in your skincare routine, it’s easy to forget if you’ve already exfoliated for the week, used a mask recently, or did a monthly peel.  The last thing you want to do is irritate your skin or over stimulate your pores. It’s important to get a consistent routine and you’ll see the benefits!

  • Post author
    Andrea Leung